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Lesson Plan

This is an individually tailored plan I put together for my client at Google. He was looking to improve "succinct, story-telling communication style to both convey information and convince customers." 


Acting and Scene Work

 • Combining all of the above through acting and improv of real work situations to practice and solidify skills.  

Goal: Crafting a Confident Host Persona and an Engaging Corporate Storyteller


 • Building confidence and discovering your authentic modes through acting exploration.


Elements To Work on Over 5 to 10 Sessions, Building on Each Session.

Fully Inhabiting the Body, Physical Warm-Ups

 • Addressing your energy blockages, stiffness, building physical connection and awareness



 • Breath flow + vocal resonance + physical ease and connection = Presence


 • Crafting beginning, middle, and end, embracing that arch, using articulation, mental imagery, and imagination to help paint the picture, using emotional connection to draw the listener in.

Breathe Work/Voice Work

 • Breath control, slowing down speech and articulation-- connecting the intention ie making me, as the listener or newcomer, feel comfortable and welcome, etc

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